imk Teil der Kampagne Chemnitz-zieht-an

imk automotive GmbH setzt auf die Initiative der Stadt Chemnitz und ist neuer Partner des regionalen Fachkräfteportals.

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Neue ema-Version ab 02. Mai 2016 zum Download verfügbar

Die neueste Version des Editor menschlicher Arbeit (ema) hält eine Reihe neuer Funktionalitäten bereit.

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Welcome to imk


imk is one of the leading engineering consulting firms in Germany. We provide first-class engineering consulting services for manufacturing and supply industries with experience in automotive sector. Valued customers of imk are industrial manufacturer such as premium automotive OEMs, aircraft producers and the white good industry.

imk’s main expertise is in the field of digital production planning, industrial engineering, production process optimization and ergonomic workplace design. We use innovative methods such as 3D-simulation of human work activities and our own software product, the "human work planning application software (ema)".

We would like to invite you to learn more about the unique way of working with imk in collaboration with our close partners and valued customers!