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New products and processes result in increased challenges for qualified workers. Thanks to our editor of manual activities (EMA), we are able to virtually prepare these planning challenges. The digital human model gets all abilities and professional skills of a qualified worker. A biometrically perfectly planned worker is a requirement for advanced assessments of ergonomics and process optimisation.

Hybrid ways of construction require new joining processes! Using ultrasound, heat or pressure enables for optimum joints of different materials by exploiting their specific characteristics. Such processes require scientific research and testing by means of test set-ups until the production stage. This is where the possibilities of our prototype and pilot plant come in quite handy.

The reduction of costs in case of multi-stage production processes aims for the recoverability of works in process. Optimum batch sizes for each working cycle require a flexible logistic in the production flow. The perfect solution are free supplies on intermediate stages of production! New ways of storing and approaches in terms of supply of components for production give rise to highly efficient new forms of organization for production systems.

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