Advanced Technology Development


As a trusted partner of industrial companies imk is well known as think tank. We are facing the challenges of controlling, leading and organizing technology development processes.


  • solving cross section tasks
  • supporting other business units of imk in terms of basic tasks of science
  • project management for sophisticated challenges
  • construction of functional prototypes

Advanced Technology Development of imk is indeed realizing innovation, methods and concepts


Idea Management

  • Brainstorming
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Trainings in special tasks
  • innovative solutions for products, production technologies and assembly technologies and planning methods



Method research

  • eMAN – additional science based project affecting ema software
  • Stabiflex – company employees trusting model
  • numerical behavior model of humans (to “calculate” physical and psychical stress based on external conditions and time)

Knowledge Transfer

  • ECVT functional model (Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission)
  • containing critical and valueable knowledge

Concepts for customer challenges

  • leightwight conecpts for body and other industrial products
  • determination of production timings and normative timings
  • MSD - Micro Servo Drive (Integration of engine, gearbox, controlling electronic and customer unit)
  • new gearbox concepts – planetary gear train, grooved ball friction planetary drive, hydraulical drive, special gearboxes with non-cylindrical-, non evolvental-toothed wheels


  • Construction of prototypes to proof concepts
  • Developing test stations focusing on engineering, ability and security
  • close corporation with business partners in themes of electronic, rapid prototyping and fine mechanics
  • Presentations and demonstrations at meetings, conferences and summits