Workplace Design and Ergonomics for the modern Production

Our motto: „Good Ergonomics is good Economics!“

(H. W. Hendrick, 1996)

The demographic change imposes a productivity risk for manufacturing industries in many countries.  Improving ergonomic work conditions and simultaneously increasing the efficiency of manual work processes has become an important competition factor for companies around the world.

Research has proven that good ergonomic workplace design

  • improves the quality due to less errors in manual work caused by mental and physical fatigue, uncomfortable posture and insufficient reachability
  • reduces the absenteeism caused by work-related musculoskeletal disorders
  • enhances the flexibility by providing more appropriate workplaces for aged workers, women and workers with restricted abilities
  • increases added value by reducing unnecessary walkways and movements
  • fosters workers motivation and commitment by providing healthy workplaces

„From concept design through series production – imk supports you improving ergonomics of industrial production processes and products.”

Ergonomics for Economics


Study about sickness absenteeism and assembly errors per worker in assembly of Daimler