Gear Technology


We develop customized gear technologies for industrial applications, for the automotive engineering and medical purposes.

Planetary Gear
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The Micro Servo Drive (MSD) is a noiseless mechanical powertrain. MSD could be integrated in an electronic system that is realizing and ensuring the servo drive function and customer specific requirements. This powertrain could applied in power mirror, window lifter, locking system, seat belt tightener and seat adjustment of vehicles. The range of application is also extending to medical engineering.

Specifics - Frictional Planetary Gear
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Frictional planetary gears are planetary gears, which are characterized by a force closure within the power transmission. The current layout of the gear box can be used in medical applications, for measurement purposes, safety and automotive applications.


Specific features are:

  • Defined pretension of the system by a laminated disc
  • Frictional engagement between spheres and ring + form fit between spheres and teething of input shaft
  • Variable transmission ratio