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Most of the innovations affecting the production processes are just focusing on the mechanical improvement. Is there really nothing new around the automation of systems? Is that the only challenge industrial companies are interested in? The concerns and demands of our customers told us where innovation is really needed.


Inspired by technology and driven by innovation the software developers from imk approach to shape new software applications which could make industrial planning processes much smarter.

Software applications from imk support industrial companies in planning and simulation of human work based on latest 3D simulation technology. Only possible for automated processes so far. Today the planning, evaluation and simulation of all production processes is more than ever a factor of success in efficiency competition and ergonomics competition.


The information technology business unit of imk helps companies to create a customer-specific digital factory to simulate dedicated validations or complex holistic production scenarios of all kinds of human work. That’s what the software application ‘ema’ from imk was developed for. As an innovative planning method this software could become more customer-facing by dedicated interfaces and Plug-Ins for proprietary software and third-party software as well as by extending added applications. On that way this software for planning, evaluation and simulation of human work can be shaped much more individual and customer-specific.

Software Products

ema – Editor for human work activities, supporting the product development process from concept until end of process

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upp – the independent production related product calculation

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Your way to a Digital Factory with Software Solutions from imk!

Software Development Partnerships

Strategic software development partnership with the german Methods-Time Measurement union (Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung)