Numeric Simulation in virtual Product Development


The use of numerical simulation in the concept phase helps to get an understanding of the function of structures and the product in a early phase. The design optimization can be done in advance by a virtual model simulation. High costs of late product optimizations can be saved.


Structural Mechanics
  • deformation and strain of structures
  • linear and non-linear structural mechanics
  • variable material impacts and modelling of complex contact situations
Structural Mechanics within a Gearbox
  • analysis of steady and unsteady flow cases  and consideration of turbulent flow effects
  • investigations of gas and liquid mixtures and multiple phase flows
  • thermodynamically and mechanical interactions with environmental structure (fluid-structure-coupling)
High dynamic Analysis
    • simulation of structure impacts in case of high deformation speed
    • impact investigation for protection housings and other protection components for various impact scenarios
    • drop test simulation
Vibration Analysis and Mechanical Acoustics
    • determination of critical resonance states and resulting structure impacts
    • acoustic impact investigation of structure and analyzing the acoustic emission
    • deflection of action items for reducing vibrations and noise developments
Temperature Field
    • steady and unsteady thermal analysis of structures
    • heating-up and cooling impact determination
    • case and parameter studies