Production Planning and Controlling System from imk

Your prospering industrial company needs to implement a PPS-System or ERP-System which supports the production control? Take a look at our smart solution – the Pre-PPS-System!

The imk Pre-PPS-System is based on EXCEL and provides the ability to prepare the purchase and launch of an entire production planning and controlling system industrial companies can leverage from. By using tool provided dedicated file templates and macros the user can simply gather all production specific data and is able to organize even complex business and production processes very smart. Based on that this system is a foundation for selection, purchase and launch of a commercial production planning and controlling system e.g. SAP, LECO, AP Plus or APS.

But that’s exactly industrial companies struggle with. Engineers and project managers are facing a lot of challenges within such phase of research. Do we better launch a Planning and Controlling System which covers specific industrial requirements rather than an entire Enterprise Resource Planning System? Does one fits all? What system is the appropriate one for our purpose today and in future? How to define business requirements of our individual and sophisticated production specifics in advance? What data structures and business processes needs to be developed?

An advance pre system can simplify that process significantly. The tool which imk has developed for this purpose can provide a realistic preview about working with a commercial system. Taking away many doubts and increasing trust in launching a PPS-System or ERP-System. For more production insights and success!  This standalone EXCEL solution can be integrated in existing IT structure and is ready to use instantly.

What does the application of the Pre-PPS-System provide?


This solution supports data entry/data migration and business process compliant launch of:

  • Article master
  • Bill of Material
  • Product version and variable definition
  • Integration of version constraints in BOM
  • Operation sheets including documentations and continuous files e.g. conduct guidance, health and safety briefings, workplace definitions, check lists, process requirements a.s.o.
  • Assigning single components to assembly workflow
  • Work places master
  • Production program and manufacturing orders for the first solution of controlling the production flow

Data management, BOM handling and raising manufacturing projects can be applied for every business process by macros which the EXCEL solution is delivering. Furthermore business processes could be reproduced on individual customer demand.


Are you ready for more production insights? Be prepared to launch a production planning and controlling system! Start with Pre-PPS-System from imk.