upp – the autonomous production related product calculation

Today product development processes or individual customer requirements are forcing economic forecasts more than ever. Research and development business units have to calculate the entire production expenses for a dedicated product. Mostly without any available master data and even long before machines, systems, constructions and tools are purchased.


But how to determinate a preliminary expense overview of a realistic product manufactory under these circumstances? And how could engineers and project managers plan a detailed production workflow including all required materials and human resources?  That’s what upp can provide!

This application, developed by imk, is available in several languages and is used by several customer e.g. industrial companies, universities, technology institutes. Since its release upp has become a proven and established calculation method and software as well. And it is based on the method of machine hour rates. This rates will also calculated inside the program, depending of degree of capacity utilization during the whole process. This independent software application is running on every Windows systems as of Windows XP.

What does the application upp provide?

  • Development of a simple product manufactory model what contains work places and working teams and purchase components
  • Definition of all necessary expenses, revenue items and the calculated selling price
  • Creation of a product facing production tree (workflow) with variable deep structure including the structure elements purchase parts and services, manufacturing operations , assembly group and final product
  • Calculation of expenses and overhead costs across this production tree considering the quantity structure
  • Calculation the working steps considering the utilization of human resources and machines and materials
  • Estimating and summarizing the required investments either in selling price or as payment in advance
  • Determination of the calculative selling price of all single construction groups and the final product in total
  • Analyzing the product by the kind of resources


Individual detailed all results can be shared as extract, print or EXCEL export. This application is delivered including a compact user guide including hints and tips. Training sessions about how to use this software application will be offered on demand as well as sessions about the calculation scheme and about the hot challenges in calculation of product expenses.


Whats your next challenge?

Section path tree of a product calculation