New business location established in stuttgart

by Patrick Sammler  
The new business office in stuttgart

The imk automotive GmbH took over the business location of CES Eckard GmbH in stuttgart by 1st of january 2017. With that event the company does significantly increase the own presence in one of the most important industrial regions of germany.


The imk forces to build up a competence team in stuttgart as well to cover the entire service portfolio arround high quality consulting and engineering services for efficient and ergonomic assembly processes and for innovative product concepts. In addition to that imk could increase the portfolio due to the recruiting of former CES employees. By that imk is able to provide further specific engineering services and training sessions in terms of structural mechanics. The new fields of competence are Advanced Simulation and Constructional based Simulation e.g. topology optimization, data mapping and linear elastic statics. The imk is now able to offer training sessions for simulation tools like NX-CAE and CATIA-CAE.

Location Manager Stuttgart, Wolfram Christoph Eckard

Contact Person


Dipl.-Ing. Wolfram Christoph Eckard

Location Manager Stuttgart

Hessbrühlstraße 61
70565 Stuttgart
Phone.: + 49 711 781934 610
Fax:  +49 711 781934 699

„If you want something you will find ways. If you dont want something you will find reasons. From stuttgart I will support our clients to find innovative ideas and sustainable methods. Thats what I stand for with my long lasting experience."


Dipl.-Ing. Wolfram Christoph Eckard

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