Micro Servo Drive (MSD)


(european patent application 06 004 160.5)


More than 100 electric motors are making vehicles more comfortable today. Seats, mirrors, air shutter, retractable displays and other interior components are moved electronically. But most of these electric motors are consuming too much weight and space.

What is the major benefit of the Micro Servo Drive (MSD) from imk?

  • noiseless mechanical powertrain
  • could be integrated in an electronic system that is realizing and ensuring the servo drive functionality and customer specific requirements
  • applicable in power mirror, window lifter, locking system, seat belt tightener and seat adjustment of vehicles
  • applicable also for non-automotive industries e.g. medical engineering
  • less product mass and housing
  • helps saving mileage and energy
  • makes product handling more comfortable
MSD (Micro Servo Drive)