Our interdisciplinary team is developing customized solutions for you. Teamwork is our strength and your advantage. The modern imk headquarter provides an inspiring and well equipped environment to our development engineers. Today the reconstructed historical building is again a place where creative solutions and industrial innovations are born. 

Conception & Construction

With an integrated approach from the idea to series production.


Based on your issue or detailed specification we will find the best concept solution. The design in  3D CAD will follow or done in parallel. For manufacturing purposes we also calculate the required budget and prepare the necessary parts list and the suitable engineering detail drawings.

Product Design

Form and functions - we find the design that fits.


Starting with a briefing based design concept the design focal points will be defined by you and imk. Our industrial designer team shape virtual product designs with modern and established design and graphic software. All results could be shared on demand. 3D models are ready for CAD migration. In addition to that we provide high qualified documentations and renderings

Simulation and Calculation

Based on scientific  facts always a step ahead.


The computational design will be done in parallel within the concept and design phase. For our simulation we use software like ANSYS and LS Dyna. In addition to the computational design of structural mechanics we can also provide  modal analysis, crash and impact simulations and computational fluid dynamics.

Technology and Process Development

Experience in developing new products and manufacturing processes.


Collaboration with leading research institutes and automotive suppliers.


The manufacturing of functional samples and prototypes and its validation could be done in the imk technical center or in corporation with business partners. Due to  our network with research institutes and automotive supplier we have access to modern test facilities.